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In Every Bite.


Pets Love

75 Million Cats Can't
Be Wrong!


Birds And
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Pet Grass

The easy way to get your pets the vitamins and minerals they need every day.

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The number of years that AgriPet has been bringing Healthy Greens to market.
The number of households in America that own a cat, with 2.1 cats per home.
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Healthy Greens pet grass is all-natural and grown with purified water.

When Your Pet
Deserves The Best

Healthy Greens is grown and packaged exclusively for the pet food market.

Healthy Greens is grown and packaged exclusively for the
pet food market. Your customers recognize the nutritional value
of Healthy Greens as an important part of their pet’s diet.

Domesticated animals love to consume plants because they are nutritious, provide
much needed roughage and satisfy their instinctive craving for fresh vegetation.
AgriPet is committed to producing high quality, consistent Healthy Greens products to meet the demands of pets and their owners.

Ask Your Grocer!

Click here to see a list of supermarkets and stores where you can get Healthy Greens Pet grass from AgriPet!

Filled With Goodness

Healthy Greens provides essential vitamins and folic acid that helps your pet to thrive.

Freshens Breath

Healthy Greens not only aids in your pet's digestion it also freshens
your pets breath.

Pets Crave Grass

Pets loves to eat grass, but eating houseplants can be hazardous. Solve that problem with Healthy Greens .


The AgriPet facility in New Jersey is able to produce high-quality product at the rate of 500,000 pots per week.


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