Healthy Greens is grown and packaged exclusively for the
pet food market. Your customers recognize the nutritional value
of Healthy Greens as an important part of their pet's diet.

Healthy Greens
Oat Grass

Nutrition in Every Nibble!

Pets love plants! Give them what they crave - sweet, nutritious oat grass. Healthy Green Oat Grass provides essential vitamins and folic acids, aids in digestion and hairball control and helps freshen breath.

Healthy Greens

Whisker Lickin' Fun!

Awaken your Cat's playful nature! Healthy Greens Catnip naturally aids digestion and stimulates exercise. Cats will experience increased activity and excitement. Stand back and watch the fun!

Healthy Greens
for Small Animals
Nutrition in Every Little Nibble!

Even small pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs crave fresh vegetation. Healthy Greens for Small Animals comes in a wide variety of plant options including endive, white clover, dandelion, mustard greens and chicory.

Healthy Greens
Pop n' Feed

Easy for Kids and Grown-Ups!

In 6 simple steps, you can grow your own pot of oat grass. The Pop n' Feed kit comes with everything you need - oat seed, peat moss and growing container - to produce a nutritious treat for your pet!

Healthy Greens

Made Exclusively for Healthy Greens!

The most convenient way to hold the Healthy Greens container, this sturdy device hangs securely in your pet's habitat so it can feed neatly and easily. Its unique design is adjustable so smaller animals can reach for a delicious treat too!


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